NASJET the leading private aviation operator and services provider in Middle East

NASJET is the leading private aviation operator and services provider in Middle East delivering world-class services in aircraft sales, completions, management, flight support, charter and FBO.


NASJET was Launched in 1999 in affiliation with US partner NetJets Inc. NASJET originally NetJets Middle East (NJME), demonstrated the highest levels of regional expertise by being the first private company in Saudi Arabia to be awarded an Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). The company has since grown to managing/supporting in excess of 24 fixed-wing aircraft with a fleet insured value exceeding $2 billion.


NASJET is the largest Gulfstream operator in the Middle East and one of the top 10 in the world.


NASJET is also a part of an award winning aviation group employing 1,800 in-house aviation industry experts.


NASJET operate 24/7 from a state of the art flight center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, delivering superior levels of safety, service and value.


NASJET is a founding member of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) and was the lead sponsor of the first MEBAA Conference in Riyadh 2014.


MEBAA, Middle East Business Aviation Association is a principal forum for gathering, understanding and communicating the needs and benefits of business aviation within the Middle East to businesses, governments and media worldwide and to serve the needs of the Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association Members in ways that enhance safety, security, efficiency and acceptance of business aviation throughout the region.


NASJET successfully participated in the Middle East Business Aviation Association Conference in Jeddah on the 3rd and 4th October 2017, and was a proud Gold sponsor for this event and participated in several panel discussions and gave a comprehensive presentation on the challengers and experiences of NASJET.
Vise President Capt. Mohammed AlGabbas, Capt. Hashim Hashim, and CCO Yosef F Hafiz of NASJET, each one of them participated in the three panel discussions.

NASJET stressed the importance of implementing the new GACA rules and regulations on the upcoming deadline of the 1st March 2018 reassuring that this will help enhance safety and productivity in the Saudi Aviation Market.


Gray market was an important topic discussed at a roundtable with other aviation experts which included great ideas on how GACA can regulate the charter market through providing brokers with official license hence constraining them to legal charter. They also discussed the push of the new GACA rules which will help them insure private aircraft fly privately and commercial AOC holders are the only ones who fly legally for charter.


NASJET Aircraft Management Services provides full turnkey management solutions serving the aviation community with the option to offset costs with charter revenue.


NASJET has been the first to market and fully support the NEW GACA rules and regulations.


The NEW GACA rules came into effect as of March 1st, 2016 and GACA have given the aviation community in Saudi Arabia a two year grace period to fully comply with the new regulations.

All aircraft owner based in Saudi Arabia (‘based’ meaning on ground for more than 72 hours) will be required to apply for a GACA AOC or join a company who has an AOC.


There are two types of AOC’s Private and Commercial, Private will allow only for personal usage of the aircraft (non-charter) and Commercial will allow for full charter benefits.


NASJET currently have a Private (Part 125) and a Commercial (Part 121 Special Unscheduled) AOC and they are able to add any type of aircraft on either of these AOC’s.
NASJET will be able to apply for GACA annual landing permits for aircraft and obtain them based on their AOC and provide continued support for the aviation community in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, NASJET would like to thank MEBAA for organizing such an event and look forward to future events.