Operational Excellence

World of Experiences

Excellence & Beyond. A Collection of unique private jet services taking you on the most unforgettable journeys and experiences, World of Experiences includes flying you to the most spectacular destinations in the world.


Aircraft Sales

Successfully Buying and Selling Aircraft since 1999. As a world class owner, operator and manager of corporate aircraft; we are in the unique position of understanding the many advantages and disadvantages of aircraft ownership. We offer real-time pricing analysis, aircraft financing at preferential rates, aircraft inspections, sales/marketing collateral and assertive price negotiations. Close ties with the leading business aircraft manufacturers, operators and international sales brokers further ensures the information presented is accurate and timely.

Dedicated teams are able to handle legal and administrative documentation including registration and licensing as well as scouring the market to present you with the widest possible choice of aircraft. We have the experience to enter into negotiations on any make or model of aircraft and together with marketing and advertising experts, we can help you to buy or sell your aircraft with cost efficiency and the utmost discretion. With NASJET  you can be assured that your aircraft sale or purchase is being managed by aviation experts.

Completions Advisory

Successfully Completed 65 business aircraft. If you are planning to purchase a new ‘green’ aircraft or refurbishing your current aircraft, we have the capability and wealth of experience to ensure the completion and delivery of the aircraft is to the highest standard. protecting the future residual value your aircraft. NASJET and appointed partners provide advice on the design, selection and installation of the cabin configuration, layout, type of seats, carpets, sidewall treatments and other furnishings, entertainment and communication systems, galley and lavatory fixtures, avionics packages, exterior paint and extended warranty program.

Operating business aircraft in extreme hot and humid climates can mean the finishing and preparation of materials has to be of a specific requirement. Benefit from our regional knowledge as an operator of 67 fixed-wing aircraft and hundreds of thousands of miles flown across every continent in the world-we guarantee your aircraft will be finished to the optimum standard.


Aircraft Management

Have the Experts do all the work. Owning a private jet is certainly a pleasure, but it’s also a major capital investment. NasJet can take that stress away and give you peace of mind knowing that an established and experienced international operator is able to manage your aircraft efficiently. The company has grown to managing/supporting in access of 67 Middle East based aircraft with a fleet value exceeding $2 billion. NasJet is also the largest Gulfstream operator in the Middle East and one of the top 10 in the world.

Aircraft owners gain many privileges and tangible cost saving benefits, with our huge purchasing power advantage on fuel, insurance, training and maintenance. We have five unique management programs for Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, Falcon and Hawker Owners-these aircraft types complement our existing core fleet. With NasJet, you can have absolute faith in our operations. After all, it’s what we do. Every hour of every day, we’re moving planes, crew, and inventory across continents.

Flight Support-Aircraft Owners

Expertise and Purchasing Power. Aircraft owners managing an aircraft internally, can still benefit from NASJET unrivaled level of international support and significant ‘economy of scale’ cost saving benefits. The NASJET Flight Center, client Service,charter team and engineering teams operate 24/7 supporting owners with Flight planning, overnight & landing permits, ground handling, fuel management, accommodation, catering, aircraft insurance, maintenance and aircraft evaluations.

NASJET will provide aircraft owners with ‘back-up’ aircraft at attractive prices, when their aircraft is not available. The core management fleet includes Airbus, BBJ, Gulfstream and Hawker aircraft type.



Flexible and Reliable. NASJET has a dedicated fleet of ultra-modern aircraft available for immediate charter, including Gulfstream V/IV450’s  Hawker 750’s, legacy 600 and a citation Excel. We are also able to source any type of aircraft in the world if our fleet does not match your preference. Your requests and personal requirements are managed by a team of highly experienced charter experts, focused on making your trip exceptionally comfortable and seamless. Remember, we’re looking to exceed your expectations and our Client Service and Catering teams operate 24/7, 365 days to ensure we’re doing just that.

Block-Charter Programs. For frequent charter clients we have a number of flexible and dynamic Block-Charter programs with all the usual benefits of on-demand charter but with additional cost savings based on volume discounts and flexible payment terms. The charter programs allow you to take control of your flying requirements, on a trip by trip basis. At the same time, access the largest and closely managed fleet in the region, focused on delivering a superior level of safety, reliability and value. For Charter Broker enquiries, please contact our 24/7 Charter Department on +966 0 11217 2070 or email


Ground Handling (Riyadh FBO)

Superior FBO Handling Services. NASJET has partnered with ExecuJet to form NAS ExecuJet FBO in Riyadh. Providing seamless and efficient Ground Handling services for private aircraft flying into King Khaled International Airport Private Aviation Terminal-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (OERK).

The collaboration between the two experts builds on a blue-chip reputation for delivering superior and competitive levels of service. If you are an aircraft owner and you would like to explore the benefits of our exceptional aircraft handling services, please contact